Sargodha University M.Ed Date Sheet 2010

Sargodha :19-10-2010:UNIVERSITY OF SARGODHA DATE SHEET M.Ed 1st Annual Examination 2010 to be held in November / December 2010

WRITTEN EXAMINATION Time 1:00 P.M to 04:00 P.M (But On Friday 2:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M)
Please keep your Original National Identity Card and Roll No. Slip with you during the course of Examination failing which you may not be allowed to take the Examination.
Date Day Subject / Paper
24-11-2010 Wednesday MED:601 Philosophy of Education
26-11-2010 Friday MED:602 Educational Psychology and Guidance
29-11-2010 Monday MED:603 History of Education( Historical Development of Education)
01-12-2010 Wednesday MED:604 Educational Testing, Measurement, and Assessment
03-12-2010 Friday MED:605 Research Methods in Education
06-12-2010 Monday MED:606 Educational Administration
08-12-2010 Wednesday MED:607 Curriculum Development
10-12-2010 Friday MED:608 Instructional Technology
11-12-2010 Saturday MED:609 Educational Law OR MED:612 Counseling Techniques
13-12-2010 Monday MED:610 Educational Planning and Financing OR MED:613 Educational and Vocational Guidance
14-12-2010 Tuesday MED:611 Human Resource Management OR MED:614 Assessment and Evaluation in Guidance
15-12-2010 Wednesday MED: 616 Educational Supervision OR MED: 617 Guidance & Counseling
Candidates are directed to note the following instructions:-
1. Roll No. should be written on the right of the title page of the answer book only and not at any other place. Answer book number should also not be mentioned inside the answer book.
2. Marks of identification should not be made any-where in the answer book or on the title page.
3. Part with any material relevant to the syllabus before entering into the Examination Hall
4. No appeal to be made to the Examiner in the answer book.
5. Abusive or Obscene language should not be used in the answer book.
6. Unfair Means Case will be registered against the candidate who refuses to obey Center Superintendent, changes his/her Roll No / Seat with another candidate, creates disturbance,stages walkout, resorts to pen down strike or instigates others to do so, or otherwise misbehaves in or around the Examination Hall.
7. Unfair Means Case will be registered against the candidate who is found in possession of firearms or anything capable of being used as a weapon of offence in or around Examination Hall.
8. No one is allowed to leave the Examination Hall before first one hour is over. If any one leaves after one hour or before half the time is over, he/she shall not be allowed to take away the Question Paper.
9. No one can appear in the Examination without getting his/her Roll Number Slip. Unfair-means case shall be registered against those who will violate the instructions and rules / regulations of the University.

(Muhammad Iqbal Qureshi) Controller of Examinations