Thin Attendance schools colleges

LAHORE : Attendance remained low in the public sector as well as private schools and colleges in the city in the aftermath of RA Bazar suicide attacks and a series of explosions in Allama Iqbal Town on Friday night. Parents refrained from sending their children to schools and colleges after the city remained in the grip of terror owing to the deadly suicide attack in RA Bazar in the cantonment area and six explosions which rocked Allama Iqbal Town. Besides a wave of terror caused by the explosions, the City District Government's decision to close all academic institutions in Allama Iqbal Town and its vicinity also contributed to low student turn-out on Saturday. Talking to APP, Chairman Department of Mass Communication M.A.O. College Awais Bajwa said that the attendance remained less than fifty percent in the college. He said that an air of uncertainty also prevailed regarding the closure of academic institutions in the city which made the parents to restrict their children, especially daughters to the four walls of their homes. Principal Unique College for Girls Shaista Ishaq said that attendance remained less than forty percent as the parents did not send their daughters to college. Mrs. Rubina Khalid, a parent, told APP that van drivers did not come to take the children to schools owing to the prevalent law and order situation in the city. Most of the private schools and colleges in the city remained closed as Saturday and Sunday are observed off-days in these institutions. However, the attendance ratio remained high in the schools where annual examination are being held. Principal DPS Township Abdul Shakoor Butt said that the attendance remained hundred percent during the examination.The news

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