GCU management workshops

LAHORE: Government College University Lahore Vice Chancellor Dr Khalid Aftab Monday announced holding health and stress management workshops for the university staff members and students. He said that noted health experts would be invited to the university in this regard. The vice chancellor was addressing a general house meeting of the university staff members at Bokhari Auditorium. All the university staff members from lecturers to head of departments were present on the occasion. Dr Khalid Aftab said the health is a great blessing of the Allah Almighty and it should be taken care of. He said that the stress and strains which people face in different matters of their life compile into various diseases. He also said that lifestyle, eating habits and exercise routine are the major factors which play role in our health management. He wished all staff members of GCU a healthy and prosperous life. Earlier, talking to a delegation of bright students, the vice chancellor advised them to always rely on merit and hard work for success. "Nepotism, favors and dishonesty will give you nothing, rather they will diminish your self-confidence," Dr Khalid said The Vice Chancellor said elders live through their children and your success and achievements will bring glory to GCU. "You should enjoy learning instead of feeling any pressure," said Dr Khalid Aftab. Dr Khalid Aftab also said that the global recession has affected the young graduates and universities and it calls for serious review of existing academic programmes and research agendas for the future. He said that the GC University Lahore has the tradition of moving with the time. "We accept changes because the change is the law of life and stagnation is death," he added. F.P. Report

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