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School heads to create awareness about coronavirus

LAHORE:29 February:The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Punjab has developed a booklet for schoolchildren which contains awareness about basic protective measures against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the District Education Authority (DEA) in a letter has also issued necessary instructions to heads of public and private schools to create awareness among schoolchildren about basic protective measures against the virus. Sources in the School Education Department said the booklet containing information about basic protective measures such as maintaining distance while sneezing and coughing, covering the mouth and nose, washing hands regularly and to avoid going to school when feeling sick etc, would be shared with heads of public and private schools across the province. The heads of schools have been directed to sensitize schoolchildren about basic hygiene, and covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing and best hand washing practices. Meanwhile, teachers in some private schools in the provincial metropolis have asked children to come to school wearing masks as protective measures against coronavirus. The news.