PPSC Selected Lecturers Await Posting

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LAHORE:July 02:HUNDREDS OF newly-selected lecturers are still waiting their formal appointment and subsequent posting at public colleges across the province despite a lapse of months after their selection. The delay exposed sheer sluggishness on the part of those at the helm in the Higher Education Department.
The delay has been causing a great unrest among the new lecturers of various subjects selected through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) whose results were handed over to the Higher Education Department in March 2012 and in some cases even in February for issuance of appointment letters and subsequent posting at the colleges. For instance, the PPSC handed over the result of posts of Lecturer in Urdu to the Higher Education Department in March 2012.
However, owing to lethargic attitude of the authorities concerned, the select lecturers got their offer letters from the department in the first week of May with direction to submit their consent by May 23, 2012 for their subsequent posting at the colleges. However, a whole month has passed since they have submitted their consent through the offer letter but the department officials have yet to move to post them at the colleges. Similarly, lecturers of other subjects such as English have yet to receive their appointment letters.
In August 2011, the Punjab Higher Education Department, through the PPSC, had advertised 1,456 posts of Lecturers (Male) and 1,050 posts of Lecturers (Female) in different subjects.The commission, on a fast-track basis, held examinations and interviews of the candidates and handed over the results to the Higher Education Department for their formal appointment and posting.
It is note worthy that candidates for the posts of Lecturers in Urdu had the PPSC exams in the first week of October 2011 and interviews of the successful ones were held in January 2012. The selectees were announced in mid-March.
However, the Higher Education Department has yet to appoint and post the selectees like those of many other subjects. The delay has been greatly irking them the selected lecturers. Many of them believe that owing to the ongoing summer vacation, it would have been better for them to join colleges and make themselves comfortable before formally starting teaching.
Another concern related to the delay in joining colleges being expressed by the select-lecturers is that of annual increments and pension benefits as they believe the delay would certainly affect them.
A couple of years ago the Higher Education Department, keeping in view slow selection process of the PPSC, had held serious deliberations and there was almost a consensus to outsource the exercise to the National Testing Service (NTS) to ensure fast-track selection. However, later the idea was dropped following assurances from the PPSC that selection process would be completed at the earliest.

A selected lecturer, who wished to remain anonymous, said that another issue of the selectees was related to insensitive attitude of the department officials who never shared with them any update despite repeated queries.

“This blatant denial of access to information is really disappointing,” commented the lecturer.Another lecturer said almost all the selected candidates who were doing jobs before the selection were facing financial hardships as they had left the jobs after selection by the PPSC with the hope of early appointment.
The lecturers have appealed to Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to personally intervene and take action against the responsible officials for the delay in order to avert any such situation in future.The news.