PPP Senator still working as school principal

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LAHORE:June 16: A newly-elected senator of Pakistan People’s Party from Sindh Sehar Kamran is still working as the principal of English section of Pakistan embassy school in Jeddah, she comes to Pakistan from Saudi Arabia to attend the upper house sessions, and is receiving all allowances from the government of Pakistan, according to sources.

When the school secretary, who identified herself as Shadab, was contacted by telephone, she confirmed to this scribe that Sehar Kamran was the principal of the school, and that she was in Pakistan currently.

Sehar Kamran is also a member of five important standing committees of the Senate including standing committee on defence and defence production, standing committee on human resources, standing committee on overseas Pakistanis and standing committee on foreign affairs.

Former secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan said that under Article 63, a person could not hold any financially beneficial position or do a public sector job after being elected to the parliament as a public representative. He said if Sehar Kamran was continuing a job after her election as a senator, her act was unconstitutional and illegal and she would have to resign from the Senate seat and face up to three years in jail.
When Sehar Kamran was contacted by telephone and asked about her position, she said she was in a hurry to go to the Senate session, and then she switched her cell-phone off. Later on, several attempts were made to contact her on her cell-phone and on her residence landline, but she could not be contacted.The news.