UVAS Synopsis Submission Guidelines For Postgraduates Students

Lahore: 1. The synopsis will be prepared by the student in consultation with his/her Supervisory
Committee as per approved format of the University.
2. Synopsis seminar will be presented in respective Departmental Board of Studies by the
students of both MPhil and PhD degrees. 3. The MPhil/PhD students will submit one hard copy of synopsis duly approved by
respective Departmental Board of Studies, and 10 copies of elaborated summary prepared
in the light of directions issued by ASRB to Secretary, Faculty Synopsis Scrutiny
Committee, at least ten days before meeting. No synopsis in any case will be entertained
after that date. 4. The presence of MPhil students in Faculty Synopsis Scrutiny Committee is not necessary;
however respective Supervisor may be consulted as and if required. On the other hand,
PhD student will present his synopsis to Faculty Synopsis Scrutiny Committee in the
form of seminar.
5. After approval from Faculty Synopsis Scrutiny Committee, MPhil students will submit
required number of copies of synopsis for onward transmission to Director ORIC for
notification while PhD students will submit required number of copies of synopsis to
ASRB for further processing.
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