University of Health Sciences considers theses, synopses

LAHORE:16 November: The 140th meeting of Advanced Studies and Research Board of the University of Health Sciences (UHS) was held here on Thursday with UHS Vice-Chancellor Prof Javed Akram in the chair. The board considered the thesis reports of Dr Faeza Rauf MPhil (Anatomy), Dr Rabia Sajjad Toor MPhil (Anatomy), Dr Zoofishan Qureshi MPhil (Community Medicine), Afzal Nazir MPhil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Immunology), Dr Syeda Abeer Fatima MPhil (Physiology), Dr Anum Ashraf MPhil (Pharmacology), Dr Nabi Gul MS (Cardiac Surgery), Dr Asghar Ali Khan MS (Orthopaedics Surgery), Dr Shamaila Razzaq MPhil (Haematology), Atia Ali Mughal MPhil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Immunology), Dr Talha Laique MPhil (Pharmacology), Dr Muhammad Bahadur Baloch MPhil (Anatomy), Dr Naveed Lodhi MPhil (Biochemistry), Adeel Ahmed MPhil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Microbiology), Saira Munir MPhil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Molecular Pathology & Cytogenetics), Muhammad Shoaib Akhtar MPhil (Medical Laboratory Sciences-Molecular Pathology & Cytogenetics), Dr Ayesha Fazal MPhil (Pharmacology), Dr Muhammad Faheem Afzal MHPE, Dr Muhammad Hussain Cheema MPhil (Community Medicine), Anaiza Afzal MPhil (MLS-Molecular Pathology & Cytogenetics), Syeda Shafia Ali MPhil (MLS-Molecular Pathology & Cytogenetics), Naila Irum MPhil (Immunology), Dr Kanwal Ijaz MPhil (Physiology) and Dr Babur Riaz MS (ENT). The following synopses were also considered for registration of students in various postgraduate courses: “Histological analysis of protective effect of apple cider vinegar on gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity and SASHI gene expression in adult albino rats” by Dr Iqra Javed MPhil (Anatomy), “Hepatoprotective effect of apple cider vinegar on gentamicin induced toxicity and SASHI gene expression in adult albino rats” by Dr Shumaila Sohail MPhil (Anatomy), “Effects of Citrullus colocynthis on ovaries of adult albino rats” by Dr Haseeb Ahmed Awan MPhil (Anatomy), “Protective effect of milk thistle seed extract on methotrexate induced nephrotoxicity and Kim-1 gene expression in adult albino rats” by Dr Aneela Ashraf MPhil (Anatomy), “Comparison of serum vitamin D levels in pregnant women with and without gestational diabetes mellitus” by Dr Khooban Waheed MPhil Biochemistry), “Effect of three different chemical disinfectants on reduction of bacterial load (aerobic and facultative) in operation theatres of a tertiary care hospital in Lahore” by Dr Muhammad Waseem Abbas MPhil (Microbiology), “Ameliorative effects of Mangifera indica (mango, chaunsa) peel powder on fructose-induced metabolic syndrome in rat” by Dr Muhammad Abid MPhil (Pharmacology), “Effect of Bauhinia variegate on isoproterenol induced myocardial infarction in rat model” by Dr Zarish Malik MPhil (Pharmacology), “Effect of marble dust on respiratory symptoms and pulmonary function parameters among marble workers in Lahore district” by Dr Imran Maqsood Butt MPhil (Community Medicine), “Level of reflective thinking (RT) among final year Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students” by Zahid Mehmood Bhatti MHPE, “A comparison of in hospital mortality in on-pump vs off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery using EuroSCORE II” by Dr Matiur Rahman MS (Cardiac Surgery) and “Comparison of outcome of ischemic stroke in patients with persistent and controlled blood glucose levels in first 48 hours” by Dr Jauhar Khan MD. (Medicine).The news.

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