University of Central Punjab now offers a 5-year LLB programme

Lahore:16 september:The University of Central Punjab has officially received its accreditation from the Pakistan Bar Council and is now permitted to run its five years LLB programme as a separate faculty. The Faculty of Law will operate under the umbrella of University of Central Punjab (UCP), and will be governed under the new rules set by the Pakistan Bar Council. The Dean and Faculty of Law hope to jump-start a new era in legal education in Pakistan. Over the past 28 years, the institute has made a name for itself in light of various achievements by its students and alumni that have gone on to obtain positions of influence in both public and private sectors. The vast alumni body includes judges, lawyers and legal experts. Some prominent names on the list include Additional Advocate General Punjab Kaleem Ilyas, Advocate Supreme Court Salman Akram Raja, PCB Consultant Tafazzul Rizvi and Ali Qazalbash, Head of Deparment of Law and Policy at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), among many others. Courses Among a range of law courses, the Faculty of Law will offer certified courses on: Intellectual Property Law Banking Law Environmental Law Cyber Law Applied Criminology Human Rights and Human Trafficking Humanitarian Law and International Security The vast catalogue of courses provides students with a range of specialisations that can benefit them when they enter the professional domain. Law Clinic The UCP Faculty of Law also has an exclusive 'Law Clinic', which will provide students hands-on legal experience under the supervision of relevant academia, former judges and lawyers. This enables students to attain vital research and writing, advocacy, legal aid and community awareness skills. Simulated court proceedings The Faculty of Law will also feature a fully equipped moot courtroom. Using the facility, students can take part in simulated court proceedings and practice mooting in a real world environment. For those who are looking to build a career as a lawyer, barrister or solicitor, it is vital to check all requirements of the professional body in their jurisdiction before committing to a degree programme. The Faculty of Law's LLB programme enables students to acquire relevant knowledge and understanding of the foundations of the subject, equipping them to effectively analyse and evaluate legal and non-legal matters. This content is a paid advertisement by the University of Central Punjab and is not associated with or reflective of the views of and its editorial staff.Dawn.

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