Umer is a Lahore based artist Bachelor in National College of Arts

Lahore:27 November:Putting an artistic idea across on any medium is a tough job, but when the medium takes the form of metals the task at hand becomes all the more convoluted. Rather the art also takes the form of a sculpture and poses the centuries-old Platonic question about forms, whether any idea can ever be presented in its truest form or not. In his exhibition titled ‘Extract’, perhaps owing to a part of the idea used in the creative process, artist Umer Nawaz attempts to address this paradox by working on iron and stainless steel and carving out intricate pieces which reflect the knots in our minds tied by an array of thoughts every day. According to the artist’s statement, his ‘work revolves around physical manipulation and treatment of material involved’. He also believes that the process the material bears leads to its form as well as content. Metal might seem to be a strong medium but the strength doesn’t always guarantee the shape of the sculpture lying in the head of the artist. Known for its malleability, it takes great effort to pull out the right shape out of stainless steel; like glass, one needs to be very particular about the final shape. Using iron, Nawaz gives many twists and turns to his pieces and their colour is also perhaps signalling something because they’re either white or black unlike the red usually associated with iron ore. His three pieces of steel are also very distinct as one piece appears to have wrinkles of sorts, making the texture appear crumpled, like the state of mind which may never be calm despite being in a perfect shape. The rest two, on the other hand, have a dominant theme setting across. While one has marks which are huddled together, the second one has them at some distance, although both seem to be done in haste albeit with an intention to give that effect. Held at the Canvas Gallery, the exhibition concluded this past Thursday. Umer is a Lahore based artist who completed his Bachelor in Fine Arts (Sculpture) from the National College of Arts. Currently a lecturer at the same institution, his work is on permanent display at the Pioneer Cement Factory in Khushab; he has held exhibits in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.The news.

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