TCF calls on all Pakistanis to raise their hands for education

Lahore:May 7:Education remains one of the biggest challenges Pakistan is facing as a nation. As many as 22.6 million children in our country don’t go to school, that’s 44 per cent of all children aged 5-16, according to Pakistan Education Statistics. In a press release issued on Saturday, The Citizens Foundation (TCF) said it had been working towards enabling quality education for the less privileged for the last two decades. “It has now turned into a formidable movement of education with the support of people who believe in making a positive difference through their actions. With the launch of its new Zakat campaign, TCF is inviting all Pakistanis to help TCF resolve the education problem and with it many interlinked social issues that are present in the absence of illiteracy.” Speaking about the campaign, Isfandyar Inayat, GM Outreach at TCF, said, “Ramazan is the time of great significance for Pakistanis and Muslims all around the world. As it approaches near, most of us tend to introspect about the good initiatives we can and must take. “All around us, we see social issues like poverty, hunger, unemployment, health issues, economic disparity, extremism and intolerance. When we try to understand what’s that one thing that will solve these problems; we realise that education is the only answer we find. “Our creative campaign revolves around this idea: the street children are raising their hands to ask difficult questions about their difficult situations and the citizens are raising their hands to support them saying that education is the only solution. It also signifies the curiosity and will to do better as raising hand is a strong part of school culture synonymous with learning. “It is our collective responsibility to join hands for a positive change, for education of the less privileged, to enable a brighter future for children living in poor localities. That’s why, our message this Ramzan invites all Pakistanis to be a part of TCF’s mission to educate Pakistan.” The TCF is considered one of the most transparent and trustworthy not-for-profit organisations in Pakistan. Established in 1995, it has created a far reaching impact by providing low-cost education to the less privileged children with an aim to create agents of positive change. Today, the TCF is educating 220,000 children in its nationwide network of almost 1,482 schools located in the heart of rural communities and urban slums. A strong believer in equal opportunities, the TCF ensures that 50 per cent of all student enrolment is represented by girls. The TCF has been mentioned by The Economist as perhaps the largest network of independently run not-for-profit schools in the world. Additionally, employing around 12,000 women as an all-female faculty makes it the largest private sector women employer in Pakistan. In the matric results 2016-17, the pass rate for TCF students was 96 per cent, while there was a remarkable increase in the percentage of students securing A+ and A grades, from 48 per cent the year before to 64 per cent in 2017. These results are a testimony to the sustained hard work of dedicated staff and students, according to the press release.The news.

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