seven-day customised master training programme for graduates

LAHORE:October 16: A programme to train the young trainer was launched in three major cities of Pakistan; Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. It was a seven-day customised master training programme that empowers young leaders of tomorrow to be impactful trainers and confident individuals. It was attended by 64 graduates and was specifically designed for new trainers, teachers, young professionals and students. The programme ensured that participants taking part walk out developing skills in communication, presentation and facilitation techniques to maintain attention and how to handle difficult situations. The programme had been divided into seven important modules that included: fundamentals of training, content development, and training delivery: presentation & communication skills, branding your profile, practice training sessions and final presentations & evaluation. Maalik Khaskhely said: It is a master training programme that offers limited investment with an unlimited opportunity to enable participants to discover concepts, competencies and the crafts required to make learning meaningful and effective.The news.

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