Punjabi Congress to hold moots

LAHORE:January 27: Fakhar Zaman, chairman of World Punjabi Congress and International Sufi Council who has returned after six weeks tour of Europe, has announced that two international peace conferences would be held in Sweden and Austria in the current year. In a press statement, he said that he had meetings in Sweden with cultural and literary figures like Peter Currman, Karin Perers, Mrs Lena and Azar Mohiuddin. The international moot in Sweden would be held either in Stockholm or Avesta. The subsequent peace conference will be held in Austria for which Fakhar Zaman had given the responsibility to World Punjabi Congress President Akram Butt and International Sufi Council President Denis Mete. Zaman also had meetings with Latvian writers and Hungarian literary figures. The culminating mega international festival of peace would be held in Lahore early next year and more than 50 countries wold be represented at the event by high-profile scholars, writers, educationists and intellectuals.The news.

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