Punjab University observing a sit-in outside vice chancellor's office

LAHORE:March 10:A number of Pashtun and Baloch students of Punjab University (PU) have been observing a sit-in outside the vice chancellor's office for the last couple of days, demanding the administration restore their fellows expelled recently. The students alleged the PU administration of victimising Pashtun and Baloch students. However, the PU spokesman said action against the students who were found involved in the incidence of violence on January 22 was taken according to the law, rules and regulations, without any prejudice. The spokesman said the administration would not tolerate any pressure from any student organisation. He said the students were expelled on the basis of strong evidences, however, they had their lawful right to file appeals with the VC. He said a heavy majority of Baloch/Pashtun students was peaceful and they were serious students. The PU spokesman also said around 600 Baloch/Pashtun students were studying in the university while the administration expelled only four students who were found guilty of creating violence in the university. He said only 8 to 10 persons belonging to their groups were trying to create problem with the help of outsiders. On the other hand, he said, the administration expelled 13 students belonging to other student organisation.The news.

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