Punjab University likely to get permanent VC by June

Lahore:13 July:“The deadlines in the project were extremely important,” said Salman. “If I have to complete some part in the garage by January, I need to have funds for it by that time,” he said, adding that if the marketing team could not arrange finances for it, that particular part would be delayed which would delay everything in the line. Regarding the involvement of faculty, the students replied that the competition has been designed to be entirely student-based. They, however, added that they approached their dean whenever they needed an official letter or whenever an official agreement had to be signed with sponsors. When asked whether the project affected studies and grades of the students involved, Salman remarked that grades should not have been principally affected as the students had to study many topic and subjects beforehand to apply them on the car. However, he added that the project did hinder their studies from the examination point-of-view. “Grades kuch kuch sambhal hi jaate hain [we are somehow able to sustain our grades],” said Hunain in a jovial tone. Express News.

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