Punjab University a debate competition of Tax Day celebrations

LAHORE:April 6: Auqaf and Religious Affairs Minister Syed Zaeem Hussain Qadri has said that it is the youth who will determine the road map of the nation. Addressing students at a debate competition organised by Punjab Revenue Authority on the topic ”Tax Evasion is an Impediment to Growth” as a forerunner of Tax Day celebrations, he appreciated PRA’s effort for introducing such healthy competition as part of its Tax Day celebrations on a topic which he considered was need of the hour. He asked the PRA to introduce such more healthy activities. The purpose of the debate was to create tax awareness among the younger generation especially highlighting the negative impact of tax evasion on the economy. Students from leading educational institutions, including Punjab University, Kinnaird College University, Government College University and King Edward Medical University participated in the event. The winners were given cash prizes. The minister also commended the authority’s initiatives for collecting taxes and backed PRA’s stance on a no-spare policy for tax evaders. GCU Vice-Chancellor Amir Hassan Shah stated that revenue authorities were engaged in generating revenue on behalf of the government which ultimately was used for the betterment of society. PRA Chairman Dr Raheal Ahmed Siddiqui said tax evasion was a poison in society which needed to be eradicated as soon as possible. He said the authority had increased its surveillance for tax evaders. He said PRA was the the only tax collection agency in the country which had implemented the restaurant invoice monitoring system to curb sales tax evasion by restaurants. He stated the authority was in process to implement similar smart monitoring systems in different sectors to control tax evasion. He said, through proper planning and management by the authority, a drastic increase in revenue could be seen every year. PRA member legal Kamran Ahmed said that PRA considered the youth as the tax ambassadors. Since 2016, PRA has been celebrating April 10 as Tax Day. Governor: Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafiq Rajwana has said Indian brutalities against the unarmed Kashmiris are condemnable, and the developed nations as well as international agencies, especially the United Nations, should take immediate notice of Indian atrocities in Held Kashmir. The Punjab governor expressed these views while talking to Slough, UK, Lord Mayor Ms Syeda Ishrat Shah who called on him at Governor’s House on Thursday. The Punjab governor said the silence of international powers over violations of human rights by the Indian army in Held Kashmir was condemnable.The news.

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