Punjab University awards four PhDs

LAHORE:28 august:Punjab University has awarded PhD degrees to four scholars. Muhammad Khalid Tippu, son of Muhammad Akram Khan, has been awarded a PhD in Pharmacology (Pharmacy) after approval of his thesis entitled “Investigation of the Role of Probiotics on Toxicity of Aflatoxin B1”. Muhammad Afzal, s/o Ghulam Nabi was awarded a PhD in Islamic Studies after approval of his thesis entitled “Assuagement Discoursed in Ahadees-E-Nabviyyah: Intricacies and Sagacity”.Ibtasam Thakur, daughter of Zaheer Ahmad Thakur, was awarded a PhD in Special Education after approval of her thesis entitled “Relationship Between Organizational Culture, Job Performance and Burn out of Teachers in Department of Special Education Punjab” and Inayat Ullah, s/o Allah Wasaya, in Molecular Biology after approval ofhis thesis entitled “Molecular Characterization of Retinal Disorders in Pakistani Families”.The news.

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