Punjab allows drones for agriculture

LAHORE:December 16: The Punjab government has allowed use of drone technology in the agriculture sector. According to a spokesman for Agriculture Department, this will be the revolutionary step to enhance agriculture production. An Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)/Drone consists of a small unmanned aircraft and after the success of this technology it is ready to astound the agriculture sector. Drone/UAV technology can be usefully deployed in applications of pesticides on crops, monitoring of weeds, pests, and nutritional deficiencies, geographical survey of crops, area and water resources research and development. Interested farmers can apply to the deputy director agriculture (Extension) in his district for NOC for the use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones. The deputy director agriculture (Extension) concerned shall refer all cases/applications about the use of drones for the aforementioned agriculture use to DC/DPO). After proper analysis and vetting, an NOC may be granted by the DC/DPO to the applicant specifying therein the area, time and duration of use of drones. In arriving at a decision, the protocols about the security of sensitive installations / establishments shall be given due consideration. A police personnel may also be attached with the operator of drone at the time of flying activity. The Deputy Director Agriculture (Extension) concerned shall inform the applicant in a timely manner about the status and outcome of the application for NOC.The news.

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