Public schoolteachers demanded govt revise school timings.

LAHORE:07 November:Schools in the province have been asked to follow a health advisory due to increasing health-related problems caused by the thick cover of smog. Public schoolteachers have demanded that the government revise the school timings. In a letter issued by the Punjab School Education Department (SED), all schools of the province have been asked to follow preventive measures to deal with the smog. The letter, sent to all District Education Authorities (DEAs) Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), ordered following of the advisory issued by the Punjab health department. The letter stated: “The health department has already published the preventive measures for smog in newspapers. Therefore, the instructions given by the health department may kindly be circulated to all field formation and to schools for observing these measures.” The letter further gives instructions which include drinking eight to 10 glasses of water every day, reducing outdoor activities, closing windows and doors of rooms and using masks and handkerchiefs by all students, particularly those riding on bicycles and motorcycles. It also advised not to use fans in classrooms or houses and not burn waste material. The letter encouraged the wearing of eyeglasses during journeys, frequent washing of the hands, face, nose and eyes. It told locals not to rub their eyes and avoid drinking cold water or beverages. Meanwhile, teachers are also concerned over the thick blanket of smog in different cities and are demanding the government revise school timings due to low visibility and health hazards. “Our primary students are the most affected by smog and there is also a low turnout in schools.”Express News.

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