PU, Plan9 team up to boost students' entrepreneurial skills

LAHORE:June 8: The Punjab University's Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and the Plan9 Technology Incubator have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for promotion of entrepreneurial skills among the youth. The memorandum of understanding signing ceremony was held at committee room of the Vice Chancellor's Office on Tuesday. Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zaffar Mueen Nasar, Punjab University Registrar Dr Muhammad Khalid Khan, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Director Nabeel A Qadeer, Punjab University IBA In-charge Sajida Nisar and other officials were present on the occasion. The memorandum calls for arranging training programmes to build capacity of students and develop their interaction with others institutions. Addressing the meeting, Dr Zaffar Mueen Nasar said that the initiative would promote cohesion between the industry and academia. Nabeel A Qadeer said that the memorandum of understanding signified the intention of Plan9 and Punjab University IBA to forge strong mutual ties between industry and academia for progress of the two sectors. "The Plan9 is aimed at replicating its model of business incubation that was considered credible globally to guide our partner in establishing their business incubation centre," he said. Sajida Nisar said that Plan9 would provide access to its network of trainers, mentors and investors to Institute of Business Administration students. She said that workshops, trainings and mentoring sessions would be arranged at the premises of IBA where startu-ps would be invited to interact with the Plan9 mentors.Daily Times.

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