PU newbies break in with artwork at the Shakir

LAHORE:06 November:An exhibition titled as ‘Subjective realities’ was organised where 19 recent graduates of Punjab University (PU) College of Art and Design showcased their works to the public at the Shakir Ali Museum in the city. One of the artists, Zeb-Un-Nisa Asad’s thesis revolved around the phenomenon of over-thinking. Explaining the concept that drove her artistic process, Nisa said that everyone had passed through variety of situations and challenges during their lifespan which had helped them become better and practical every time. She said that she had experienced many similar challenges due to overthinking for the past few years. Those experiences had influenced her process of thinking with a visible impact on her work, she added. Lahore-based artist, Sidra Saleem Tahir, said that her topic revolved around human skin, its form and fleshed gestures. ‘Karachi looks like Karachi again!’ “From our childhood, we start to look at features of skin as an identity of certain individual in life and I have gone through many changes,” she said. According to Sidra, her work was not related to any specific identity or character but was a general exploration of recreating the form and gestures of skin. Revisiting forgotten heritage through art at the Karachi Biennale Another artist Zaunaira Sultan said that her work was a series of events that depicted most of our lives. She said that it included the stages everyone went through, how they changed us and how we redeem ourselves from the evil living within us. “I believe that every person has another side, a side that no one knows about except for that person. We have all done things in the past but how we deal with that remorse makes us who we are,” she added. Visual artist Aaisha Younas said that she wanted viewers to visualise current state of the art monuments through her thesis work. “Overlapping of massive structure in place of old buildings has become our socio-political priority,” Aaisha explained. “It causes deconstruction and ignorance from maintaining our historical architecture and opposite ways of conserving them,” she said. Saba Tanveer’s art series “The other side” was about paintings representing the ignored aspects of social phenomena that one should look upon. Artist Farkhra Asif’s artistic practice revolved around figurative art, basing her work on skin and figure and its connection with male and female mentality. The exhibition concluded on Sunday, November 5th, 2017.Published in The Express Tribune, November 6th, 2017.

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