A private school expelled students Due parents failed to pay fee

LAHORE:June 9: A private school has expelled a large number of students from its different campuses as their parents failed to pay the fee. “Your child……..student of Class 1 at the school's Ravi Campus Lahore, is hereby withdrawn from the school, after having completed the current school year i.e., academic year 2017-2018. Please note that as result of the withdrawal, your child will not be re-enrolled at the school, for the coming school year i.e., academic year 2018-2019,” reads on such notice issued to parents. The notice cites the reason of withdrawal as non-payment of fee for the months of August 2017 to November 2017. Parents Action Committee (PAC) of Private Schools claims that the school has expelled around 1,200 students from its different campuses. The PAC claimed that the fee was illegal and parents did not pay the same. On its Facebook page, PAC Foundation claimed the demand for fee of the said period was a violation of court orders which could result in serious legal consequences. However, the school also shared its point of view with media claiming that the number of withdrawal notices to 1,200 students was incorrect and added withdrawal notices were issued to only those parents who were fee defaulters for academic year 2017-18 and who had not cleared their dues despite repeated reminders. The school also observed that withdrawn students had sufficient time to enrol in any other school for upcoming academic year. It also observed the fee defaulters were issued alerts as a routine and withdrawn as per regular system procedure.The news.

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