Pre-Eid gala for women to buy all kinds of dresses, shoes, bags

LAHORE :19 august: A pre-Eid gala was organised in Defence for women with the idea to facilitate them for shopping at affordable prices by making all accessories available under one roof. The Eid gala was arranged at a local hotel, where they enjoyed an opportunity to buy all kinds of dresses, shoes, bags, makeup and best jewellery in town at one place. The stall titled “Bejewelled” by Samar was the talk of the town which attracted a large number of visitors. The handmade gold plated jewellery was mesmerizing and the real stones and pearls added compliment to the gorgeous pieces. Samar Mehmood, the owner of Bejewelled said, “We started the jewellery chain for a noble cause. After the high rates of gold, many owners cut down their employees and huge numbers of labour got unemployed. Having no other skill, these unemployed persons desperately sought some employment. So, we hired all those experienced people and created well-earned jobs for them. The jewellery is gold plated and handmade. All the rubies, pearls and stones are original and we can recreate any design which a customer wants. We have multi-coloured and solo coloured pieces with matching pendants.” While telling her future plans she said, “After Eid, we will introduce new designs of Kundan and other jewellery items. There is a huge market for this jewellery and sometimes we had to say no to the customers but we have the best service in Lahore.”The news.

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