Physics symposium at GC University

Lahore:30 January: The c (GCU) here on Monday. A large number of physicists from Pakistan’s leading universities and R&D organisations are participating in this three-day event which will have 27 technical sessions on different topics including condensed matter physics, high energy particle physics, nanotechnology, cosmology, atomic & molecular physics, lasers, plasma physics & controlled fusion. About 82 physicists are presenting talks and papers at the symposium highlighting the recent important developments in physics and the impact of these developments on various aspects of our lives. In his address at the inaugural ceremony of the symposium, Government College University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah highlighted the need for more skilled individuals in all areas of science and technology. He hoped that the symposium would provide an opportunity to students and young faculty to interact with senior physicists and to learn from them. In his opening remarks, noted plasma physicist and mathematician Prof Dr G Murtaza who also holds the Salam chair at Government College University noted that the world of science was witnessing rapid developments and the knowledge was accumulating at very fast pace and physicists are making great progress in uncovering the deep mysteries of the nature. He explained the recent major breakthroughs in physics which have resulted in the development of quantum computers, two dimensional materials including Graphene which has very interesting properties, topological insulators, energy efficient blue LEDs and atomic clocks. He explained to the students the technological advancements which have won the Nobel prize in the last two decades. Eminent nuclear physicist Prof Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy presented a key note address on neutron stars. Prof Hoodbhoy explained to the students the process of start formation and how at the end of its life. A session of the symposium is also dedicated to the scientific contributions of Prof Abdus Salam.

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