Milad held at FG Postgraduate College

Rawalpindi :September 15:To pay homage to the ‘greatest benefactor of humanity’ annual ‘Mehfil-e-Milad’ was held in Salma Masud Auditorium of FG Postgraduate College, Kashmir Road, Rawalpindi here on Thursday. Girls clad in green ‘dupatas’ and wreaths, devoutly reciting Darood-Pak were creating beautiful. A cut out with calligraphic Darood Shareef on it, and embellished with mosaics in golden and green at the back drop was enhancing the solemnity of the stage. Among the worthy guest included Begum Asif Iqbal, Director FGEI (C/G). A large number of former faculty member also attended the holy ‘Mehfil’. ‘Mehfil-e-Milad’ opened with the recitation of Quranic verses by Mehwish Shaheen, followed by Hamd by Hira Abdul Kareem. The recitation of Qaseeda Burda Sharif in chorus moved the hearts of all. Wajeeha Zahra, Nighat Younas, Hira Shafique, Imrana Yousaf, Iqra Khalid, Amna Satti, Aleesha Choudhry, Hira Abdul Kareem and Nighat Younas presented Naat with utmost religious zeal and devotion. Parsa Waqar in her essay highlighted the ennobling character and the moral conduct of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Syeda Fariha Zahra talked about the dynamic personality of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and the need to follow the precepts and the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (SAW). Sehrish Batool highlighted the character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the messenger of peace. The spiritual ‘Mehfil’ closed with a ‘Dua’ by Syeda Wajeeha Zahra. At the end Begum Asif Iqbal, director FGEI(C/G) distributed certificates among the participants.The news.

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