Low gas pressure troubles school Children

Rawalpindi:January 12:Innocent school children have become one of the worst sufferers of low gas pressure as most of them leave their homes for their respective educational institutions without taking breakfast in the morning. "I cannot prepare a single cup of tea and 'paratha' for my kid in the morning due to low gas pressure and he often leaves the home hastily without taking breakfast to reach the school in time," said Memoona Abbasi, a resident of B-Block (Satellite Town). She said she also prepared breakfast at midnight on various occasions but it could not be consumed by her kid due to severe cold weather, adding "How can anyone take tea that is made hours before and eat 'paratha' that gets hard due to cold." According to the people living in most of the areas of the city, the gas supply remains suspended or extremely low during morning and evening times, forcing them to burn firewood or use cylinders in their kitchens. The children are also facing some more trouble because when they go to school canteens to get fresh food they are provided ready-made items that cannot offer an alternative to their breakfast. Tariq Malik, who runs a canteen in a private school, said it is not possible to prepare tea, fried eggs, kababs or 'parathas' during recess for hundreds of students so low gas pressure has adversely affected his business.The news.

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