Lahore College for Women University to establish medical college

LAHORE:22 October: Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has prepared the PC-I for establishing a medical college at its Kala Shah Kaku Campus to facilitate the girls of the adjoining areas, including Gujranwala. “The PC-I is complete and we will be presenting it to the Punjab governor and chief minister so that a teaching hospital could be made next to the medical college”, said LCWU Vice-Chancellor Dr Farkhanda Manzoor while talking to The News. The VC said, “There is only one college for women in the medical field. We believe that increasing opportunities of studies for women will also enhance the quality of education for women. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced 10 million jobs for the youth, and I think 50 per cent of the jobs will be bagged by the women.” LWWU has 28 faculties with more than 12,000 students at present. To manage the huge number of students, many faculties have started evening programmes. “A basic drawback for the girl students is the discouragement that they don’t get permission to work after getting married.” A girl, after study of 16 years quits her career. An educated and career-focused mother can raise a family with values, moral and dignity, she said. Dr Farkhanda said, “We are going to do a scrutiny in the university. The staff members who do not qualify to work at the university level will be transferred to the college and new staff will be hired for the university. We are producing one of the finest researchers in the world.” From October 24 to Oct 26, the university will be holding the second international conference titled “New Trends in Natural Sciences: Public Health, Food, Nutrition and Safety”. Three-day conference is jointly being organised by the departments of zoology and bio technology. Prof Dr Shugufta Naz the event would be participated by the delegates from eight countries, including the US, UK, Canada and Turkey. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform to teach and learn about public health strategies and basic food practices both nationally and internationally. Talking about the profession of teaching, the VC said, “Teachers are asset to a nation but, unfortunately, in Pakistan, we are not treated as the torch-bearers. Clerks are even getting better package in comparison to teachers. Though we are the leader makers, we do not have proper salary structure. We need more than 5,000 teachers in higher education to fill the vacant posts.” She said, “We always have high expectations from a new government. Education must be the foremost priority of our government. We will serve the nation with the best scholars and researchers.The news.

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