Information Technology University held its 8th Robotics Expo

LAHORE :13 May: Information Technology University (ITU) held its 8th Robotics Expo at Arfa Software Technology Park on Saturday in which the university’s freshman students of the second semester showcased 20 projects that offer modern technological solutions to many problems of both local and global relevance. The key projects displayed at the expo included Macho, a wall climbing giant robot with two legs that can climb the walls, glass, and woods; Dots, a unique Braille system designed to improve the communications for blind people ; Mahi, a platform with cameras and sensors that can swim in water; Tesla, a bipedal Humanoid Robot prototype to explore control and walking patterns ; Rise, a tree climbing platform, Zuki, a robot for speech therapy, Ekaki, a robot that can draw certain patterns and write things in real-time and Seguir, a robot that detect and follow human face in real time and establish communication. In a statement from the US, the founding vice-chancellor of ITU, Dr Umar Saif, who is currently on a visit to Bill Gates, World Bank, DC Urban Institutes and many other leading institutes and schools, said the Robotics Expo being the flagship event of the Information Technology University had influenced students, roboticists and professionals from all over the country for almost four years now.The news.

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