GCUniversity students with special abilities get wheelchairs

Lahore:15 December:The Old Ravians Union (ORU) Wednesday distributed automatic and manual wheelchairs and white canes among the physically-challenged students of Government College University, Lahore, at a ceremony held at the university’s Meeting Rooms. Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani chaired the ceremony. GCU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Hassan Amir Shah, Akhuwat Foundation head Dr Amjad Saqib and ORU President Qazi Afaq Hossain also addressed the event. ORU Honorary Secretary Prof Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, Secretary Rana Asad ullah Khan, Finance Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi and Najam Latif were also present. ORU President Qazi Afaq Hossain called upon the government to notify a ban on the words like “special” and “disabled” for the persons facing physical or mental challenges. “Indeed, they be called, written and mentioned as ‘persons with special abilities’ for all practical purposes, especially in all official and policy documents,” he said. Dr Amjad Saqib, an Old Ravian, assured the union of full support from Akhuwat and Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) for the university’s students with special abilities. Punjab Minister Syed Raza Ali Gilani said he would personally ensure that the words “people with special abilities” were part of the government’s manifesto and polices. He said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a role model for the mankind and his teachings must be part of curriculum of all classes." He also proudly shared, “Today, I have become a member of Old Ravians Union, and would vote in the union’s next elections.” The VC said more than 200 students with special abilities were currently studying at GCU, and the university was making efforts to provide maximum support to them.The news.

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