Ganji Makhi: refreshing stories collection

LAHORE:May 26:Bushra Bajwa’s humorous stories collection titled “Ganji Makhi” is a refreshing addition in the otherwise colourless, drab and tension filled lives of the book lovers in general public. The book is a compilation of six skillfully written stories for all ages but they are the representation of a child’s innocent fantasies and colourful dreamy world of imagination. It is Bushra’s first book which consists of six stories including Ganji Makhi, Besuray Ustad, Boohra Murgha, Nargis ka Kofta, Shahzadi Husan Bano k Sawal and Gajra. “Gajra” is an Urdu translation of Bushra’s story in English titled “spare parts”. She has been writing humorous stories since her childhood which appeared in Urdu newspapers and various weeklies. She also wrote stories for her college magazine. Bushra’s style is simple yet very binding with simplicity of thought and a grip on her subject. Her stories are a strong reflection of our beautiful simple and full of life past, which has disappeared in the materialistic rat race of the modern times. Ganji Makhi is a valuable record of our beautiful past and a memorable visit to our memory lane.The news.

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