Fayyaz Ahmed Anjum defended his PhD in Psychology thesis

LAHORE:20 October:Pakistan Navy Commander Fayyaz Ahmed Anjum has defended his PhD in Psychology thesis titled “Adaptation, Modification and Development of norms of The Hand Test in Pakistan” at GC University under the supervision of Prof Dr Iffat Batool. In his thesis, he modified ‘The Hand’ test while increasing its stimuli and adapted them in cultural context. The test has gained popularity among clinicians and researchers in identifying aggressive behavior. Moreover, it may be used in classification and diagnosis of certain psychological disorders like schizophrenia, depression, phobia, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and normal individuals. Applied Psychology Head of Department Dr Syeda Shahida Batool and faculty members Dr Salma Hassan, Dr Nasreen Akhtar, Dr Musafa Butt and Clinical Psychology Department Head Dr Tazwin, Karachi Univeristy Institute of Clinical Psychology founder Prof Dr Farukh Z Ahmed, Bahria University Psychology Department HOD Dr Uzma Masroor and GCU Registrar Saboor Khan congratulated him.The news.

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