Entrepreneurship programme ends at Fatima Jinnah University

Rawalpindi:July 27: Two days training programme on ‘Creating and Strengthening the awareness of Financial Linkages among the Young Women Entrepreneur in Rural Areas of Rawalpindi’ organised by Fatima Jinnah women University and Higher Education Commission Pakistan concluded here on Wednesday. The aim of the workshop was to create the awareness among students about the entrepreneurship and business plans and how strengthen the financial linkages among young women in rural areas. Guest speaker Ms Saba Abbas( Social Responsibility Analyst) gave a brief overview on Micro Financing in Pakistan. She said that It is one of the most robust periods in the microfinance sector of Pakistan in terms of growth. It is growing at a rate of over 30% annually. There are more than 40 microfinance banks, both MFIs and MFBs, in Pakistan. The total outstanding loans of Pakistan’s microfinance sector are approximately Rs 50 billion whereas the total number of borrowers is approximately 2.8 million. Out of 40, there are 9 major microfinance banks. While addressing the role of Khushali Microfinance Bank Ltd for Financial Assistance to Women another guest speaker Imran Yaqub ( Training Specialist , General Loans) explained various forms of financing available under this program that will help the women entrepreneur in Pakistan to have easy access to affordable finance in order to promote their business. Khushhali Microfinance Bank is the pioneer bank in the market that started the initiative of microfinance banking in Pakistan to promote the entrepreneurs in the country. Guest speakers, Moeid Ahmed, Senior Area Manager and Nighat Naseer, (Branch Manager, First Women Bank Ltd) also explain role of small and medium enterprises development authority and roles of first women bank for women entrepreneurship.The news.

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