Educating oneself a lifelong mission University of Education

Lahore:September 22:University education is not only for earning a degree; it is about everything – from learning new skills to achieving lifelong dreams.

Also education is not formal learning, it is about lifelong learning, so keep pushing yourself and keep developing you, said the British deputy high commissioner in Karachi, Belinda Lewis, on Tuesday.

Addressing the students of the Sindh Madressatul Islam University at its Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto Auditorium, she said there was a beautiful environment at SMIU, and it was interesting to be in Karachi to look at its architecture and to see similarities between the architecture of her own country.

“Karachi is a rich mixture of architectural styles and a very interesting place to see.”

The British deputy high commissioner said that she had learnt many lessons and experiences from her university education, but she ended up doing well at the Oxford University and Cambridge University.

She advised the students to explore ideas, keep playing around the ideas and different constructive frame works to process different information.

 “Despite having a very busy life, I watch films to stimulate my brain and read books. I have done online study and been part of the book club. Even today, I read fact and fiction material, science, technological and economics publications and novels.”

She mentioned citizens of those countries were lucky who were having the facility to attend universities in their own country.

“The students should teach their people in their spare time and volunteer for charity.”

Later, SMIU Vice Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ali Shaikh said the Sindh Madressatul Islam University had historic relations with the United Kingdom.

He said it was James Strachan, an architect of the Karachi Municipality, who had designed the main building of the SMIU and supervised its construction work, and in return, he didn’t charge a single rupee as fee.

“Later on, the building was inaugurated by the then Viceroy of India Lord Duff Ran, while coming from Calcutta to Karachi.”

He further said Thomas Henry Vines also belonged to UK and he remained as principal of the SMI for the longest period, from 1903 to 1922.

“Apart from him, Percy Hyde and Harrison were also great principals of the institute, belonging to UK.”

“In 1930’s Harrison had also taken efforts for female education at the SMI at that time when Muslim population of Sindh was 75 percent and the Hindu population was 25 percent only, but more Hindu girls were getting education than Muslims girls in Sindh.”

The SMIU VC said: “We are living in the era of international collaborations and cooperation.” He hoped that the British deputy higher commissioner would play a role of a bridge for the cooperation and collaborations between the SMIU and other universities of the country and the universities in UK.

On the occasion, he presented Ajrak, traditional quilt and also his books to Belinda Lewis.

A documentary on SMIU’s 131 years of journey was also screened on the occasion.

Later on, Belinda Lewis visited the Jinnah Museum and took keen interest in relics of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Khan Bahadur Hassanally Effendi and other alumni and old record of the institution.The news.

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