COTHM and USAID go Mangolicious

LAHORE:‘Mangolicious’ Culinary Competition was a treat to watch! COTHM and US Agency for International Development (USAID) teams jointly organised a competition amongst the culinary students of COTHM to celebrate the Mango season. The purpose of the event was to showcase and celebrate Pakistan’s mango sector. The acting US Consul General Lahore, Mr Robert Newsome, along with Mr Alyson McFarland, provincial Director, USAID Lahore and Mr peter A. Dickrell, chief of party US Pakistan partnership for Agricultural Market Development made their presence at the event. Eight teams of students comprising three members in each team participated in the culinary competition which was designed to prepare mango based dishes using a variety of mangoes. Mr Robert Newsome and MS Alyson McFarland also made part of the contesting teams and demonstrated excellent culinary skills. Enthusiastic contestants put in the best of their talents to win the competition. The competition created an opportunity to unfold immense culinary arts skills of the young boys and girls. The competition was adjudicated by AMD’S Chief of party, Mr. Peter Dickrell and leading chefs from COTHM Lahore, including Chef Tipu Imran, Chef Falak Gohar and Chef M.Razzaq. The winning teams were given away gift hampers by the management of COTHM and the USAID team.The news.

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