Cluster centres to ensure fair exams: minister

LAHORE :September 15:All the examination boards of the Punjab province will set up their cluster centres to ensure complete transparency in the conduction of exams in a secure environment. Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Ali Gillani said this while addressing the heads of all the nine examination boards at the committee room of Lahore Board here on Thursday. He said the heads of the education boards would identify suitable pieces of lands in consultation with the district administration concerned for setting up cluster centres. He added that a committee was being constituted which would finalise its recommendations in a week’s time. Every education board would also organise seminars and programmes to aware the students about the passions of patriotism, their role in the establishment of law and order as well as character building. Meanwhile, the education boards will also computerise their record in 15 days and the online system would also be made effective. The minister also constituted a review committee to ponder over the proposal of conducting examinations of Islamiat and Pakistan Studies of 9th and 10th classes separately like the Intermediate examination. This committee will forward its recommendation in 15 days time. Similarly, the committee will also review the proposal of conducting combined examination of the matriculation and the report will be forwarded to the chief minister. He directed the heads of the boards to improve and proactively utilise their automation system so that the students and their teachers may not face any difficulty and the system could also help to promote the policy of merit.The news.

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