BNU Textile Students to deliver components of workshop at Lok Virsa

Lahore: 10 July: Beaconhouse National University (BNU) Lahore has announced BNU textile department has been approached by Ms. Ayesha Noorani for sending students to Islamabad for a workshop organized at lok Virsa. The project is collaboration between Daachi Foundation and Sungi. The purpose of the workshop is to train Artisans from all around the country already having their craft business.
Four students from the third year would be staying in Islamabad from Sunday 8th till Friday the 13th of July. The students have volunteered to be a part of this project. The group comprising of three female students Kiran Shahbaz, Nayab Yousaf, Fatima Nauman and one male student Rehman Younas (these students have been part of PSDF- Punjab Skill development fund- project based in Alipur district) plan to:
improve the design aspects (color, composition, understanding the originality of the respective techniques and raw material) of the products by training the artisans in planning and executing craft production.
give design inputs, quality improvement and equip the artisan with the proper knowledge to train apprentices in their respective craft by providing proper training in transferring the knowledge and the craft. This will be accomplished during the four day training period.
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