Punjab University’s HCBF organises anti-corruption seminar

Lahore:23 May:The youth was urged to play its role in eradicating corruption. Senior figures from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and notable academics said it was vital for the younger generation to be proactive when it comes to eliminating such crime. These thoughts were expressed during a seminar at Punjab University’s Hailey College of Banking and Finance’s (HCBF) Character Building Society. The event was held in collaboration with NAB and aimed to create greater awareness on corruption HCBF Principal Dr Mubbsher Munawar Khan advised the youth to be proactive when it comes to eradicating the menace of corruption. He urged them to live within their means and preach the same to the elders of their families. “This, when practiced religiously, will eliminate the very reason of corruption,” he said. A comprehensive, informative and interactive session was conducted by NAB Deputy Director Muhammad Sajid who gave a detailed presentation on the NAB Ordinance. He advised students to read the NAB Ordinance very carefully to keep themselves updated on this vital legislation for national reconstruction. He said it would enable them to keep an eye on their surroundings and watch for the people living beyond their means. Later, a lively and interactive session was conducted by NAB Lahore Director Muhammad. The students asked questions on the working of NAB, judicial process, plea bargaining and effects of conviction on high profile cases. The NAB officials replied to the questions within the framework of legislation. The officials appreciated the interest of students and quality of their questions on national issues.The Express Tribune, May 23rd.

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