Police manhandle protesting Beaconhouse students

Lahore: Police on Tuesday manhandled students from the Beaconhouse School System (Defence Campus) when they tried to block the Defence Main Boulevard to protest against the killing of their schoolmate in a road accident on Friday.

The students alleged that the police were protecting the accused – the brother of a member of the National Assembly (MNA) – who was 'drunk' when his car crashed into their friends car on Defence Road.

Around 200 students protested in front of Masjid Chowk for three hours and then marched towards Sector-S to protest in front of the residence of the Punjab chief minister. As the protesters reached Lalak Shaheed Chowk, police personnel deployed there started beating them, the students said.

They said the policemen, headed by Defence SHO Mian Qadeer, tried to stop them from protesting, and thrashed them upon refusal. At this, the students started shouting slogans against the police, which compelled the SHO to calm them down and allow them to protest near the CM's residence in Sector-S. However, they were not allowed to protest outside the residence.

Shahzeb, a student said that he and his friends Adnan Khawar and Fahad Azeem were in a car near Masjid Chowk on Friday night when a rashly driven car went out of control and hit the divider. He said the vehicle hit the light pole, which crashed on their car, killing Adnan Khawar instantly. Fahad Azeem, who was injured in the incident, said he was still undergoing treatment, but had joined the protesters for the sake of his deceased friend.

He alleged that the police have released one of the culprits, who is the brother of an MNA. Azeem Sajjad, Fahad's father, alleged that the MNA had reached the spot on Friday night and smashed the bottles of wine found in his brother's car, so that the police could claim there was no evidence.

The protesters alleged that the police were not even telling them the name of the MNA who had reached the crime scene. SHO Qadeer said the police had arrested the accused but the family of the deceased had refused to file charges against them or to have an autopsy conducted. He said the police had to release the accused, adding that action could still be taken if the family demanded.

Sub-Inspector Allahditta said the accused were identified as Manan Hameed Gujjar and Riaz, both residents of Model Town. He said the accused were not drunk and none of them were related to any MNA. Daily times

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