Namal Education Foundation Fundraising for student scholarships

LAHORE:May 19: Namal Education Foundation arranged a fundraising event--‘Zakat for Scholarship Fund’ - for its donors, members and sponsors. According to a press release, the donors, sponsors, traders and prominent members of the business community attended the event held at a local hotel. Among others, member of the board of governors, Abdul Razak Dawood, also attended the event. The Scholarship Fund covers the financial expenditure of undergraduate students studying at Namal Institute to provide them with quality education. These students come from 55 different districts of Pakistan with more than 80 per cent of the students belonging to the rural or tribal areas. The annual flagship event brings together friends and allies of Namal to further strengthen the association with them, and to update them on the developments made in the past year at Namal. Through the donations and contributions of the Namal family, 97 pc of the students are able to get access to full scholarships. While speaking on the occasion, Namal Institute Rector Dr Arif Nazir Butt said, “Education is basic right of every human and Namal’s efforts in this regard are appreciable.” Abdul Razak Dawood said, “Quality higher education creates opportunities for the youths to pursue different opportunities and making it available and affordable for them will lay foundations for a healthy society.” With help from the Namal family, we have been able to fill that gap by overcoming the financial constraints of 97 per students. Namal Institute was founded in 2008 and since its inception, seven batches of students have passed out from the institute. The institution has a merit-based induction system and offers three different disciplines - Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Agribusiness. Currently, more than 300 students are enrolled in undergraduate degree programmes and 27 pc of students are girls.The news.

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