LHC gives last chance to UHS VC to comply with order

Lahore:30 June:Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi of the Lahore High Court has given last chance to the vice-chancellor of University of Health Science to comply with the earlier court order within 10 days, otherwise, contempt of court proceedings would be initiated against him in addition to imposition of heavy cost.

The judge issued this order on a contempt of court application of Dr Qaisar Rasheed who had sought directions from the court for the VC to remove his concerns about the quality of the research and teaching at the university.

Justice Qureshi in his order held that despite clear directions, the VC had not complied with the order issued to him on May 11, which was highly deplorable.

Anyhow, last opportunity is given to the respondent to comply with the order within 10 days after receiving the certified copy of this order. Otherwise, not only contempt proceedings will be initiated against him but he will also be burdened with heavy cost, the judge held.

In the letters addressed to UHS VC Muhammad Aslam, the petitioner had raised concerns about the quality of research and teaching at the university, said the petition submitted by him before the LHC.

In the petition, he said that he was a medical doctor by profession and had obtained a master of science (MSc) degree in molecular biology from University of Westminster, London, in 2002.

He said that of the three candidates who had sat the entry test for the UHS’s PhD programme in immunology earlier this year, he was the only candidate who secured more than 70 percent marks in the immunology section.

The other two candidates, who had completed their master of philosophy (MPhil) degrees from the UHS, could not pass the exam, he added.

“This made me worry about the quality of teaching and research at the UHS. I wrote a letter to the vice-chancellor because I wanted an explanation,” the petitioner said. He said he was concerned that if the MPhil degree holders from the UHS could not pass the university’s PhD degree programme’s entry test, the teaching and research undertaken at the university should not be of very high quality. “I had asked the VC to comment on this concern so that I may consider getting enrolled in the PhD programme at the university,” he said. Further, the petitioner said, it seemed that an MSc degree obtained from an average university in the UK was better that an MPhil degree obtained from the UHS. He asked the VC, “Why is the UHS not delivering quality research? It has been more than 10 years since its formation.” The petitioner told the court that he had also expressed concerns about the competency of the VC in the letters sent to him.The news.

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