Government College University holds TEDx Talk

LAHORE:01 May: Renowned television actress Zoya Nasir shared her life experiences of overcoming fears at TEDx Talk organised by the Government College University (GCU) to share ideas worth celebrating and spreading. According to a press release, speaking at Tedx GCU Lahore, Ms Zoya Nasir asked women to follow their passion with compassion and hard work. “It's important to realise that most of our struggles are the same. Circumstances and situations might differ. Most of us inflicted by three shells of fear, one within us, one outside of us and one of the society,” the television actress said. Ms Nasir said that powering through these fears made them a good decision maker, letting go of these fears liberated them and brought our heart at peace with our minds. “Living through my worst fears is my war and the battle continues, but my mind and heart are at peace. I am where I am because I learned to let go and power through,” she concluded. This year, TEDx GCU Lahore speakers also included Dr Sarah Qureshi, who shared her idea of contrail-free aero engines derived from novel patented technology and Ghazanfar Bashir with his idea on green roofs technology. Ghazanfar Bashir opened up the talk with a comparison of old and new Lahore demonstrating the fact that the green area of Pakistan has reduced a lot.He gave his idea of transforming our roofs into green areas through a systematic procedure and benefiting the environment as well as our future generations. Haris Hidyatullah, a visual artist, presented the idea of critical thinking and analysing cultural phenomena through visual storytelling. The event also included energetic and melodious performances. Addressing the concluding ceremony, Dr Aqueel Imtiaz Wahga appreciated the efforts the university's Team Red Power lead by Nashmia Imran in organising TEDxGCULahore.The news.

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