Girls’ rights highlighted

LAHORE:17 October:School girls from high and higher secondary classes spoke on various issues that impede progress and need to be addressed. Ten girls highlighted rights of girls such as safety, equality, transport, sports facilitation, right to choice and free education till the age of 16 by the state as the Constitution promises in Article 25A. The International Day of the Girl Child was observed at the hall of the Pakistan Girl Guides Association here on Wednesday under the aegis of an organisation. The event was attended by a large number of girls, senior girl guides, children and women rights activists and parliamentarians. Iqra Khan, a tenth grader, brought to light pertinent issues such as sexual abuse of children. She stated that in 2018, 3,832 children were abused. Among them 60pc were girls. She stressed the importance of educating children on how to protect themselves via the school curriculum. Kainat Fayyaz points out that often girls who suffer abuse seldom report and are discouraged by their family to pursue the case. Laraib Sagheer of Class 9 underlined the need to provide transport to school girls so that they could travel to and from school in peace. Also, she pointed out that the number of high schools for girls were insufficient. Ujala of Girl Guides said girls need affordable, comfortable transport. Fizza Fatima of University of Home Economics talked about lack of sports facilities for girls. Hafiza Sidra of class 10 and Ismat Tahira of Class 9 said the government should increase the budget if it means to improve the status of girls. Raya Iman of class 9 said girls are allowed to exercise choice.The news.

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