GC University Workshop On Vacuum Science And Technology

Faisalabad:Pakistan's fate will play a key role in changing young generation., GC university teachers and students deserve congratulations yzr organ workshop. Thoughts expresses their chairman, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr Ijaz independent research Leba N rtryz Current of Vacuum Science and Technology at the zua be done while addressing a one-day workshop. vacuum science and cutting-edge use of technology in everyday life lyat provided forgetfulness. workshop today's students and corporate lbat understand this technology and use it to better contribute to national development would be. Vice Chancellor Dr. Zakir Hussain while addressing the main function of the human mind to make U nyurstyun and its development Ltd. is not available for the mother morale., we ask that our students are trying to re-learn the mother wanted, and are provided lyat modern forgetfulness. Huma Ta Ra rgt that we own between International Youtube nyurstyz Our place and our research quality education be recognized. Our students and teachers are working hard and dedication ush around me that we could make our places so that AKISTAN cent succeeded in building and We can play a role in development. workshop other resource person Dr. Javed Ahsan Bhatti said that Pakistan Vacuum Society, chairman of the industrial vacuum technology level is very high, not only Dr. Amin, Chairman, Department of Physics and Department for the workshop mba rkbad deserve. workshop students in the Department of Physics and Vacuum Technology passions participated in the workshop should also be dlz modern mother.
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