GC University Seminar On Extrusion Technology

Faisalabad:We aykstrusn technology so that you will buy for university students to benefit from this technology could Achievements. Their opinion azharuays kick-off Fu Cha nslr Dr. Zakir Hussain dypar tmnt de Sciences-sponsored'' Extrusion Technology Current zua of addressing the seminar is held. (A) Current organic as He said it is very important that we have these days are getting food Pura ducts are not edible. Chief guest Vice Cha nslr Dr. Zakir Hussain & Head Extrusion Center in Taxas A & M University USA Professor was Dr. Nadeem Riaz. Prof. Dr. Nadeem Riaz Extrusion Technology Students told their lykcrmyn aykstrusn many different types of technology can create Fu de Pura ducts. Through this innovative technology very quickly and you can create some sym-free Pura ducts. Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Dr. Aziz Qureshi nine Ren Fu said the technology would be useful for the de-science students. Prof. Dr. Nadeem Riaz, he asked students to give their dog and share stereoscopic our faculty so that our students Technology Achievements can use the pass., GC University Food Science Department soon began to make a little sym-free will Pvt ducts.
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