GC University Paticipation In Faisalabad Cultural Festival At Canal Road

Faisalabad:Goverrnmnt organized by the district on Canal Road in Faisalabad GC University Faisalabad Institute of Culture Festival of Art and Design students presented their float. They liked and appreciated by the people of Faisalabad. Institute of Art and Design in float strongly sensed. The textile industry of Faisalabad, weaving and fashion blend was full. Institutional as well as other float won the World Globe by making the public heart. The Institute of Art and Design in charge Culture Festival Tehmina Afzal said that we tried our best form to be shown that Faisalabad is the culture here. They quoted Culture Festival The float took first place in the second position float two million one hundred and fifty thousand rupees to float the third prize will be awarded. culture festival Faisalabad various universities, schools and In addition, the base of Colleges Faisalabad Faisalabad agencies set their own floats d show the utmost of culture. This cultural festival of GC University Faisalabad The Faisalabad Institute of Art and Design in the textile industry and recognized a net full of fashion which reflect the people watching the Faisalabad and appreciated.
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