GC University Organized Mehfil-e-Meelad

Faisalabad:The Messenger universes highest reality.s The man urhany life diet, Milad-un-Nabi mentioned Messenger is a source of further human intelligent and intellectual guidance and training method. Prophet enclosed druduslam Milad Mustafa speaking. Islamic and Arabic Studies department had their say, the thought of how students perform Saintliness is appreciable. scientific and research work in the department appreciated. gathering The albrhan International Chairman Mohammad Afzal Saeed Prophets attitude on all fronts leader believes the process needs to be emphasized. globe you enclosed the mans klftun the alftun I would change. Moderator Directorate issues Dr. Nadeem Sohail students got education as a source of happiness and blessing. they got the importance of history and human life enriching discussions regarding prasrat. Milad in the official Sana joined the illustrious Pakistan. Mr. Syed Manzoor alkunyn King Sheikh Abdul Salam Naqshbandi addition, Qasim Hassan, Hafsa Majid, Anam, watercress, Usman Siddiqui, Akhtar Qureshi and others offering greetings and tributes. finally actions take place and Arabic Studies Department Chairman Dr. Humayun Abbas thanked all the participants and Such meetings highlighted the importance of the need of holding.
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