GC University One Day Symposium On Modern Trends In Chemistry For Humanity

Faisalabad:Department of Chemistry GC University Faisalabad for Our pride is causing., HEC ranking fifth Drink Acquisition of GC University Department of Chemistry has played a major role. Cha If this section may shake our Leh 's. intention of this sector flourished h and bhbu real human person is not working. expressed his opinion Services Vice Cha La nslr Dr. Zakir Hussain, are administered by the Department of Chemistry, addresses a fast Zaeem do cipo and what were the needs of the chemistry department at the New Campus keeping the Leba rtryz, dfa trbnayy classroom and going. risk factor decrease during the experiments. chemistry experiments made during the Health and Safety take care so that you can serve the human mind. while addressing a function and a yns and Dean Faculty of Technology, Dr. Aziz Qureshi said the rain bit yns all sectors for the welfare of the human mind are trying. Zaeem do cipo such a yns working in different fields, a diary section of the APC has to offer. fields of chemistry together experts from different EU nyurstyun have failed., and Together, they will work to compliment the intention flourished h. smpu Zaeem and were addressed to Dr Deen Mohammad Atta Mick AKISTAN yzdnt chemical and a ET Energy Commission told that their sector of the human mind and flourished h Who to survive what has ahdaf Achievements. senior bit yntyfk Native PCS IR Leba rtryz president Dr. Rabia Nazir told that the forms are said to ha Uz table where the chemistry is engaged in the service of human intention . Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan, University of Karachi HEJ Research Institute take their places in the human cell chemistry and medicine because of Bei Lu G spsla are yzd. compliment Ni DNA separate each person's biological needs be unique because it will be drugs should also special. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti, University of Agriculture Faisalabad decent rock the association of red felt cool and his lectures on lyat have done. department head of Chemistry GC University Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Bukhari thanked all the tourist campaign and succeeded to do cipo Zaeem made available to all committees rkr head of AHA and vowed that the chemistry department maintained its tradition of hard work and dedication will.
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