GC University Oath Taking By Business Executive Society

Faisalabad:Government College of Business Administration Department under the auspices of'' ET'' GCU FC Business Executive of the bit, which brought in What Mr. President, Vice President, Associate General Secretaries and Executive Members sykrtryzaysusy yesterday's inauguration Faiz Ahmed Faiz was held in Ha Li Yue just block. oath Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul Salim was given the Society's primary objective is to develop students' professional development and snylty to educate students in the professional life of any kind Do not you have a problem before Chairman Department of Business Administration, Dr. Mohammad Sabir while speaking on the occasion said that I am very happy to take your learning to the people a new platform made for the students society would be useful., I hope you will be enjoy it fully. Adeel Anjum Lecturer Department of Public Aid mstrysn we were medical students Noble said you would learn something out of the numbers game. society that The objective of the market study is to reduce the gap between the professional life I do not have any difficulties or head Dr. Mohsin Tanveer Bashir addressing the ceremony and said that you were positively must walk and things must be taken seriously and should be more knowledgeable Achievements so you can move into professional life.
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