GC University Lahore Observes Cancer Day

Lahore:Healthy lifestyle can reduce cancer risk by 35 percent, this was stated by the speakers at a seminar arranged by the GC University’s Biological Society in collaboration with Cancer Care Hospital to observe the World Cancer Day. GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleeq-ur-Rahman chaired the seminar, while King Edward Medical University Department of Oncology Chairman Prof Dr Shaharyar and Department of Zoology Chairperson Prof Dr Nusrat Jahan delivered lectures on the occasion.
In his address, Vice Chancellor Khaleeq-ur-Rahman urged the young generation to reduce the excessive use of mobile phone because this devise emits radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, which causes fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental attention and headaches. Prof Rahman advised the students to keep a safe distance while watching television. Citing the sleeping way of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he said that everyone should act upon the Sunnah (PBUH) to avoid cancer and other fatal diseases.
Prof Dr Shaharyar, in his lecture, highlighted preventive measures, causes and cures of cancer. He said that 10 million new patients are diagnosed with cancer every year and their quantity would be increased to 16 million by year 2020, while 8 million deaths would be registered in this period just owing to this deadly disease. He said that in 1947, the age limit of women was 39 years, which has increased to 60 now. He pointed out that smoking is the main reason of cancer in young patients and this bad habit is responsible for 90 per cent of lung cancer. Smokers are also hit by twelve other types of cancer, he said, adding that smokers die 30 years early. About the best treatment, he said that targeted therapy is the best cure of cancer. He said that there are as many as 400 types of cancer out of which 20-30 per cent can be cured, while in 50 per cent cases patient’s life can be prolonged and in 20-30 per cent cases symptomatic relief can be given to the victim. He said cancer is rising in Pakistan and half of them can be prevented just by adopting a healthy lifestyle. He said that some 162,000 patients are added to the existing number of cancer patients in Punjab each year, adding, “Only a small minority are able to get treatment.” The limited cancer treatment facilities in the country can help only about 40,000 patients annually, he said, adding that only a total of 591 beds and 55 oncologists are available for 162,000 patients in Punjab.
After the seminar, Prof. (Meritorious) Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman Vice Chancellor GCU led an awareness walk, in which hundreds of students and guests participated. The Vice Chancellor also presented shields to the guests.
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