GC University Inauguration of Sports Festival 2014

Faisalabad:New rsty GCU Faisalabad are a lot more open bush country who has produced educational institutions as well as Our name is too bright. Keeping this tradition alive, we were trying to be relevant in the pass-to-pass holding a sports event to rent to this series of research are fears that the MIA. Kicking the GC University Faisalabad express their opinion CHA vice president Dr Zakir Hussain and be relevant to nslr at Inter depauw rtmntl do cipo Current rts event on qay. With that being said the tone of the corporate knowledge and corporate lbat nation in education are the name of the hill there open Our nation going with the relevant position to grant a height graph Are the san. They do cipo University Inter depauw rtmntl holding Eve event taking rts rts do cipo Director or attacked Mohammad Rafique and Chairman Dr Mohammad Zubair FIRE smell do cipo rts rts Festival held on to get the do cipo efforts and said yes to the end Our open restriction that whenever the need arises by providing lyat done we will lose heart Ltd. may provide the forgetfulness lyat Our open so that carried over hill training and equipment to be equipped with all of the games field I atryyn. Current chairman on the qay do cipo rts smell FIRE Dr. Zubair said that for our schools to promote sport aqda beat Ray're dwelling nagging See and be GC University Faisalabad regarding the Sports Festival of the Voice The FIRST chancellor professor Dr. Zakir Hussain is the result of vision. The current director qay do cipo rts GCU Faisalabad Mohammad Rafiq uahlh New rsty mother took the first Apostle to do cipo Forest rts Festival Eve when we asked him or Swiss Cha nslr funds for sports Says He gave us This has proven to be an idol to promote the game of his rehabilitation from the san firmly that where their leader, there is no guarantee I can totally revolutionize education in the field do cipo As per GCU New rsty the corporate knowledge and corporate lbat Lips Achievements, high lighted by the name of Ray.
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